Gravlight went through a large amount of revisions before finally ending up as it is. It started as a 2d-side-scrolling action adventure, before we realized it needed to be a bit more expansive. So, we blew the roof off the universe and decided to harness the power of light and darkness to explore the themes set by the Darkness Game Jam. That involved us exploring the possibility of creating a board-game-esque puzzler, with similarities to Civilization. 

However, we eventually realized that mimicking a $60 game would be a bit much for two days of work, and we pulled back our ambitions marginally. We loved the idea of using an interplay of light and shadow as a primary concept, so we decided to stick with it. However, our first iteration wasn't very fun, so we changed course a bit and built more of a simplistic puzzler in order to improve the engagement factor. 

We hope you enjoy!

How To Play:

Gravlight uses the power of light and dark in ways similar to attractive and repellent forces. Light will repel the stream of darkness, while darkness will attract it.

Lights and darkness cast by placing torches is variable, dependent upon the number on the torch card at the bottom of the screen. The radius of the area in which these attractive and repulsive forces will take effect vary based on these numbers. So, to attract the stream of darkness with a weaker dark torch, then it must get closer to the torch.

Dark torches cannot be placed on their own; they are placed in tandem with a light torch. The offset of the dark torch placement is found in the top right corner.

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